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Being a good dad is the most important thing a man can do. Let's do it well.

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Hello, I’m Dustin Quasar Sacksproud fatherI’m on a quest to change the world for the better, by helping myself and other fathers be the Best Dad Ever!

Before my son arrived, I had close to zero experience with children. As one of the first in my friend circle to become a dad, I didn’t have much community experience to draw on either. I went into fatherhood completely blind!

I spent my twenties building my company Sillysoft Games, focused on computers and technology. I was a big time nerd actually. A key milestone was joining an ARKA Brotherhood men’s group, which taught me so much about how to be a good man. I’ve continued that path, now working as a men’s group facilitator and coach, helping men step into leadership of their own lives.

My transition into fatherhood was bumpy, to put it gently. There was soooo much I didn’t know and so much of it I was afraid of. I needed to educate myself on my new role as a dad and I threw myself into the work—reading books, consuming all the best parenting resources, and connecting with other fathers to learn.

Now, to help other new dads have a much smoother journey than mine, I’ve packaged everything I learned into the Best New Dad Ever EBook. I hope that it helps you!



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