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Sample Gameplan Activities:

  • Build a Backyard Batting Practice!

  • Turn a cardboard box into a car ramp, while learning about tools and then arting on it.

  • Drum the World: explore the natural world and see what kind of sticks and drum sounds you can find.

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Dustin “Quasar” Sacks is on a quest to be the best dad ever! He’s an artist, an entrepreneur and the creator of the Mission Me app and Koobee Kids series of fun learning videos for kids.

Some of the ‘Dad of the Year’ activities feature in Koobee’s videos.

Like building an at-home batting practice with your kid!

Hours of fun and growing hand-eye coordination!

Watch Koobee Kids Preview here



Best for dads of kids aged 2-10.

YES! These plans were designed by dads who enjoy active and crafty activities. We’re marketing it for dads, but it could totally work for moms too (or grand-parents, nannies, or other care-givers).

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